TRUBA is a boutique animation studio established in Sydney in 2017. We explore bold visuals, intelligent storytelling and comedy.
We bring our versatility and ingenuity to develop beautiful worlds and compelling characters for advertising and series development.
We’ve worked for clients such as [adult swim], Childish Gambino, HBO, Adidas, Rick & Morty, K+W, ABC + UMO.
Together, we can take your idea, project or brief somewhere exciting.

Who are we?

Greg Sharp – Creative Director
A New Zealand born filmmaker, animator and writer. Originally trained as a conceptual artist, he moved into the visual effects industry, learning his beans on Lord Of The Rings and King Kong, before moving into traditional hand-drawn animation. Over the years he has worked with notable clients such as [adult swim], Gotye, Childish Gambino, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers + Cartoon Network, amongst others.
Nina Knežević – Producer
A Belgrade born, Sydney based visual artist, writer and producer. She has a love of animation and project management and is Truba’s muscle behind the hustle.

General enquiries:

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